What is first party data?

It seems like the more it is spoken about, the more people are confused about what it is. I have had more people asking me about the difference between zero, first, second, and third-party data in the past 3 months as compared to the past 3 years. Here goes my take on it – Zero-party […]

Google Topics API and why Contextual targeting will be king again!

Google shelves FLoC, introduces Topics API. This is a major turning point in identity targeting as it marks the end of Google’s attempt to use some sort of diluted user-identification viz. storing user identity on server-side, assigning users to cohorts etc. Topics API is essentially audience segmentation (or what Tacoda called behavioral-targeting in 2006 – […]

How useful are Data Transfer Reports from Google Ad Manager?

After optimizing our Publisher’s inventory for CTR and Viewability from many variables that are available in Google Ad Manager’s ‘Historical’ report type, we started to think about the possibility of having more variables. We discovered there is more granular, log level data available from Google Ad Manager called Data Transfer Reports. So, these files provide […]

A/B testing experiments on your Header Bidding setups

Importance of header bidding in Advertising: Header Bidding is the most important AdTech enhancement in recent years since RTB. This helped publishers to maximize the the bids they would receive for their most important inventory. With so many modules at our disposal, this is a good time to dive down to different experiments we can […]