What is first party data?

It seems like the more it is spoken about, the more people are confused about what it is. I have had more people asking me about the difference between zero, first, second, and third-party data in the past 3 months as compared to the past 3 years. Here goes my take on it – Zero-party […]

How useful are Data Transfer Reports from Google Ad Manager?

After optimizing our Publisher’s inventory for CTR and Viewability from many variables that are available in Google Ad Manager’s ‘Historical’ report type, we started to think about the possibility of having more variables. We discovered there is more granular, log level data available from Google Ad Manager called Data Transfer Reports. So, these files provide […]

A/B testing experiments on your Header Bidding setups

Importance of header bidding in Advertising: Header Bidding is the most important AdTech enhancement in recent years since RTB. This helped publishers to maximize the the bids they would receive for their most important inventory. With so many modules at our disposal, this is a good time to dive down to different experiments we can […]

How to create a best-in-class monetization analytics setup?

Digital publishers manage multiple monetization avenues (subscriptions, programmatic ads, direct ads, commerce) in an effort to maximize their revenues. This leads to ominous challenges around managing all the data and staying on top of things. In today’s business scenario, monetization teams are increasingly expected to do more with less. So, setting up a top-notch analytics […]

Experiment 4: Does stopping open-auction give better results overall in certain scenario & if so, why?

Part of “Five Experiments to Understand Google Adx Better” To understand open auctions better, it is important to have a bit of background knowledge on DFP’s Dynamic Allocation and its line-item priority flow. In Google Ad Manager (formerly, Google DFP), there are different types of line-items from which Ad Manager will decide which impression to […]

Experiment 2: Is running Anonymous floors hurting you?

If you’re a publisher and if you’re using Google Ad Exchange, you will be familiar with Google Ad Exchange pricing rules, where they allow you to set minimum price for your inventory below which Advertisers are not allowed to bid. But there is more to it. Let’s dive into some details. Publishers can set pricing […]