US Google Ad Exchange Open Auctions, Display + Video, Desktop + Mobile November 2020 Performance.

As we enter December 2020, we look at the past month to analyze the positives and negatives. The average CPM drop is still around 25% though better than 35% seen a month ago. But the better news is that the spend has increased by 55% as compared to last year. This shows the continued confidence of advertisers on the market.

With the festive season nearing we are seeing many positives signs by top advertisers; lets look at the insights gathered so far:

  • As expected, Best Buy, Flipp, Amazon are amongst the top spenders given Christmas is nearing.

  • Verizon & AT&T have stayed in the game as people plan to upgrade their phone in this festive season especially with so many device launches from Google, Apple, etc.

  • Automobile sector has also shown promise with Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, Toyota & Honda all in the list. As Ford plans to release an electric car in near future to rival big players, we expect them to stay a part of this list in long term.

  • Programmatic partners

  • Ad Exchange Buyers such as Sovrn & OpenX have increased their spending further compared to last month. While CPM is trending low for all buyers, most of them have spent more.

Tejas Potti
Business Analyst, Tercept

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