Is the AT&T acquisition of Appnexus good for the ecosystem?
AT&T and Appnexus just announced the acquisition. Is this good for the ecosystem? I would say so. The more options publishers have, the better for the ecosystem and the more scope for optimization. Competitive ecosystems drive more innovation. Pretty much all the innovation we are seeing today in programmatic started 8-9 yrs back with the advent of adexchanges & got a booster shot later in 2010-2011 when the ecosystem started opening up – Google and FB started allowing external companies to start buying from their inventory pools. Everything began to close down when the duo started becoming more powerful by adopting all the innovation that the ecosystem had developed. At higher levels of competition, the larger adtech players will be forced to innovate faster and/or foster an environment where their partners can innovate leading, to a more collaborative ecosystem rather than the current walled gardens we are witnessing.

Gourav Chindlur
CEO, Tercept

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