Marrying Visualization & Collaboration

Data analysis shouldn’t be an isolated task — that’s why Tercept has released a suit of collaboration tools. On Tercept, team members are now able to share data and forward easy-to-digest visualizations to others who could gain value from the data.

Making sure everyone understands the data and is able to make informed decisions is critical for success. Tercept makes collaborating around data super easy. Now, you can instantly share reports & charts, with anybody internal or external to your organization, over email or even over slack. You can also share your report queries with other Tercept users in your organization so that they can seamlessly continue their analyses.

Tercept gives your team, the ability to work together on the analyses and then collaborate more effectively as you execute on your insights.

Get in touch to learn how you can start sharing your data on Tercept today!

Gourav Chindlur
CEO, Tercept

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