Tercept’s machine learning algorithms work on the publishers’​ existing demand stack (Adexchanges & SSPs like Adx, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Appnexus, AOL, OpenX, Index, etc) and automatically optimizes pricing floors in real-time, at a granular level, by crunching GBs of data & analyzing buying patterns. Further, we are able to fine-tune the pricing by running A/B testing of multiple price floors simultaneously & setting the perfect floor at any point in time.

Due to the second price auction, there is a big gap between what the buyer is willing to pay and what the publisher ends up earning. Hence, Pricing floors is a key lever under the publisher’s control to optimize programmatic revenues. However, setting the right pricing floors requires deep analysis & constant monitoring. Under-pricing or over-pricing the inventory can result in dramatic fluctuations in revenue since it directly impacts the fill rate. Further, it is not possible to manually manage many pricing floors, hence the effort becomes superficial.

Tercept’s technology is able to boost the publisher’s Yield & CPMs by more than 100%. No new demand, no new integrations, higher CPMs & Revenue. Get in touch today!