The biggest challenge faced by digital publishers is to collect and aggregate data from its various data points. We make it easy to collect, organize and present any form of structured & un-structured data. We can collect data through any connections you use and present them in one place.

Adding Chartboost connector is easy. Use your credentials and Tercept will extract your data. See your metrics on our Unified Analytics Dashboard instantly.

Dimension Metrics
Ad Location Clicks
Ad Type Clicks Delivered
App Clicks Received
App Bundle Completed Views
Campaign ID Impressions
Campaign Name Impressions Delivered
Campaign Subtype Impressions Received
Campaign Type Installs
Country Code Money Earned
Creative Money Spent
Event Location Video Completed Delivered
From App Bundle Video Completed Received
From App ID
From App Name
From App Platform
From Campaign ID
From Campaign Name
To App ID
To App Name
To App Platform
To Campaign ID
To Campaign Name