The biggest challenge faced by digital publishers is to collect and aggregate data from its various data points. We make it easy to collect, organize and present any form of structured & un-structured data. We can collect data through any connections you use and present them in one place.

Adding App Nexus connector is easy. Use your credentials and Tercept will extract your data. See your metrics on our Unified Analytics Dashboard instantly.

Dimension Metrics
Adjustment Id 100% Complete
Advertiser Code Ad Requests
Advertiser Id Ad Responses
Advertiser Name Booked Revenue
Advertiser Type Clicks
Bid Type External Click
Brand Id External Impression
Brand Name Imp Requests
Browser ID Impressions Filtered
Browser Name Impressions Master Creative
Buyer Member Id Imps
Buyer Member Name Imps Blank
Buyer Type Imps Default
Campaign Code Imps Default Bidder
Campaign Id Imps Default Error
Campaign Name Imps Filled
Campaign Priority Imps Kept
Connection Type Imps Psa
Creative Code Imps Resold
Creative Id Imps Rtb
Creative Name Imps Sold
Deal Code Imps Total
Deal Id Imps Viewed
Deal Name Network Revenue
Device Make ID Post Click Revenue
Device Make Name Post Clicks Conversions
Device Model ID Post View Conversions
Device Model Name Post View Revenue
Device Type Profit
Entity Member Id Profit Including Fees
Geo Country Publisher Default Revenue
Line Item Code Publisher Filled Revenue
Line Item End Date Publisher Revenue
Line Item Id Reseller Revenue
Line Item Name Revenue
Line Item Start Date Revenue Including Fees
Line Item Status Total Convs
Line Item Type View Measured Imps
Payment Type
Pixel Id
Placement Code
Placement Id
Placement Name
Publisher Code
Publisher Currency
Publisher Id
Publisher Name
Publisher Name (Publisher Id)
Revenue Type